"How To Attract 5-10 Qualified Leads Per Day Without Bugging Friends & Family"

An important message from Tina Kang...

Sometimes it feels like magic.

Illegal even.

It's so simple.

Like... why aren't more people doing this?

Feels like you're using a cheat-code.

You plop your booty down in the chair.

You tippity-tap on the keyboard a bit.

You clickity-clack the mouse a few times.

And your business grows.

Like this...

$691 in a single day...

And this...

3 new sign-ups before I wake up...

And this...

5 orders at the click of a button...

You get the point.

The best part is...

This is all done...

WITHOUT making a name's list...

WITHOUT posting on social media all day...

WITHOUT a single cold-call or cold-message...

... AND...

WITHOUT spending dime on ads out of pocket.

Wanna hear more?

I Stumbled Upon A Sleeping Giant & Found The Single Most Profitable Source of Leads

... and in just a minute, I'll share this sleeping giant with you.

In fact, with this secret...

People actually contacted ME to hear about my products and business opportunity.

It completely changed my life.

I went from spending hours upon hours, begging people to "take a look."

To then having people approach ME on a daily basis - just like they would approach an expect for advice.

The result?

My struggling business took off overnight.

Sales flooded into my bank account - DAILY.

People from around the world (who I'd never met before) started contacting me, wanting to join my downline.

And within just 4 months, I made nearly a quarter of a million dollars...

... and I was financially free and out of the "rat race" forever.

And best of all...

These new leads signed up with no annoying objections... no "hemming and hawing"... 

And no questions asked.

They simply tracked me down, asked for info, and signed up on the spot...

... because my system had already done the telling and selling for me.

So how does this work?

The Secret Is In Having An "Automated Marketing System"

That does all the prospecting FOR YOU.

On autopilot.


Even while you're asleep.

That way you never have to worry about where your next prospect will come from... ever again.

So here's how it works:

The first step is in attracting the RIGHT people.

Here's what I mean...

The WRONG people are those that don’t even know why they need to start a business.

Typically these are friends & family that require a lot of convincing and motivating.

… and even IF they join, they become inactive within weeks because they don’t do anything to grow their business.

Please don’t waste a second more of your time, like I did, talking to the wrong people.

Instead, how would your business change overnight if you could get in front of these people?

Let me explain...

Google reports that there are 10,000 to 100,000 people who search “best network marketing company” every single month.

Think about WHO is typing that question into Google. 

Someone who is probably thinking of joining an opportunity, right? 

Probably doing their research on what company to join.

How much more receptive do you think these people would be to attend a presentation about your business compared to friends & family?

The answer is SO much more!

Imagine if you could get in front of 100,000… even just 10,000 people who want to start a network marketing business…

How much more motivated will these people be to take a look at your business?

Do you see how instead of begging someone to take a look… you are now actually finding people who WANT what you have to offer?

Not only that… these people are already familiar with network marketing as a business model!

This means...

No more dumb questions like…

“Is this another one of those pyramid thingys?”

*face palm*

These people are already looking to join a network marketing company — so you don’t have to deal with people who are ignorant about the business model.

This Is Exactly How I Added 179 People To My Downline & Made $313,004 Last Year

All we’re doing is finding people who are already “searching” for us… and showing them the solution we have to offer.

So now you’re probably thinking… “how do I get those leads”

We do what any real business owner does…

We buy them.

Now, before you run for the hills and say:

“I don’t have the budget to run advertising”

Here’s how you can get leads for *practically free:

Instead of running ads directly to your business… you want to run ads to what I call a “Breakeven Offer”

And here’s why.

Most network marketing companies don’t allow you to advertise their name and brand (it’s against the terms & policies).

So what you want to do instead is run ads to a Breakeven Offer.

... or a self-liquidating offer.

... or a funded proposal.

... whatever you want to call it.

I call it a Breakeven Offer to remind myself of the point. I just need it to "break-even" on my ads.

Meaning, I just want to recoup what I spend on ads -- this is so important to 'get'.

(I'll explain why in a sec).

But here's what happened:

Start with just $300 in ads...

Advertise to a bunch of people who search "best network marketing company"

Send them to purchase a Breakeven Offer (not your network marketing website).

And when all was said and done, I pocketed $300.

Now, why the heck would you do this? 

Why sell something to only break-even and not make a profit?!

It’s because the REAL VALUE is in the giant contact list of LEADS you will build in the process for practically FREE.

The most successful networkers understand this and it will absolutely revolutionize your business as soon as you ‘get it’.

See, once you have a massive contact list… generating sales or sign-ups is as simple as sending a single email.

For example, when I send an email like this… 

I routinely generate anywhere from $30-$700 in sales

... with a single email.

Absolutely no pushiness or salesy-ness.

There’s no explaining, or convincing, or persuading, or selling… Because you're building a list of people who are already interested.

This is how even the most “timid” and shy networkers can enroll dozens of new business partners in just a few short weeks.

Best part...

When you own a contact list, you can continue to email your leads about your products and your opportunity automatically… 

… in the weeks, months, and years to follow!

This is how you build generational wealth.

This is how I’m able to go from company to company and because a top producer (seemingly) overnight… because I have a massive contact list.

And for me, it’s as simple as sending out an email.

How To Install An Automated Marketing System Into Your Business TODAY

So now that you know about Automated Marketing Systems… what are you going to do?

If you do nothing, you could miss out on what I firmly believe is the future of network marketing.

If you go alone… I know for a fact that you’ll have a heck of a learning curve that could cost you thousands of dollars.

(Ask me how I know).

So, I have a question for you.

Would you like my personal help?

See, over the last year, I’ve tested hundreds of different search phrases, created dozens of breakeven offers, and sent more emails than I dare to count…

… and I’ve finally cracked the code on what works best.

This cost me hundreds of hours, tens of thousands of dollars, and months of frustration.

But in the end, we finally figured it out… and now I want to share what I know with you.

That means you won’t have to spend the time and money figuring this out like I did.

More importantly, it means you can get started attracting qualified leads today if you want to.

"The Networker System"

The Networker System - have me and my team set this entire system up FOR you.

Yes, a completely done-for-you solution, built by yours truly.

Because, here’s what I know: 

Instead of me teaching you how to do all of this stuff in a 6-week coaching program… you’d prefer that I just handle this for you.

I know you would prefer, that I take care of all the prospecting, completely take that chore off your plate, so that you can focus on your business.

So that’s exactly what I’m offering.

Everything from finding the right people who are searching for you… 


To creating and placing all the ads… 


To creating a breakeven offer to offset your advertising costs… 


To all the follow-up emails… 

All the automation… 

All the tech… 


EVERYTHING completely set-up and done for you… exactly the way I’ve built it for myself…

So that you have 5-10 qualified leads to talk to every single day.

Since Having The Networker System In Place, I've Been Able To:

Generate leads 24/7, completely online... so I never have to prospect for leads again
Sponsor 1-2 people each week, every week
Only talk to people who ask me to sponsor them first
Never chase anyone ever again
Grow my business every month in an automated, systematic way
Actually have FUN running my business - imagine that!

The Main Question On Your Mind is Probably: How Much?

Normally, our complete Agency Services go for a cool fee of $3,000.

And it’s worth every penny because we deliver amazing results for our clients.

When we re-open this offer, we’ll require an application and a phone call where this offer will be sold for $3,000

But today, you won’t be paying $3,000.

In fact, it won’t even cost you half at $1,500.

Heck, it’s not even half of that at $750!

For today only. You can get started now for just one payment of $297 (or 4x payments of $97 USD).

That means, for less than a hundred bucks today, you can get instant access to your very own Automated Marketing System.

Just click the big orange button below, right now:

Special 90% Discount

Usually $3,000   Today: $297  

This offer expires in:

Now, just to warn you… we’ll be closing this offer down as soon as the timer hits zero.

After that, in the future, it’ll be a step-by-step course you can follow along. 

Which means...

This will be the ONLY time you’ll have the opportunity to have my team set this up FOR YOU.

So again, if you’d rather that I just build this out for you, rather than TEACH you how to do it yourself, you have to take action now.

The next time you come to this page, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the course, but never again this done-for-you offer.

So take the final step to success.

Just click the orange button now, go to our secure order form, and we'll get started.

I look forward to working with you soon and would love to hear from you as our next success story.

Talk soon,

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