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Learn To Recruit More People In A Month Than Most Networkers Recruit In A Year

From: Tina Kang
Date: January 16, 2023

Dear Networker,

Earning real money with any business opportunity is hard.

Some would even say it's easier to teach a fish to ride a bike than it is to build a residual monthly check for $5,000 or more.

At least... that's how it was for me.


Plus, there's nothing worse than being in a company when a brand new person (who joined later than you) starts sky-rocketing up the leaderboards.

W-w-whaaat?! How!

Then it hit me right over the head.

Almost Like Lightning

Even in opportunities that promise $500 to $1,000 per week, it still takes a month of Sunday's just to break even.

That, plus having to feed your sponsor a few sales BEFORE you even come close to getting your money back – good gravy.

Can you say, "torture!"

I know you know what I mean.

Not only that, but I used to feel like a complete newb too.

Only because it gets to you when... no matter how hard you work, or how smart you are, there you are.

Standing there.

Holding your shirt and thinking like...

"How long can I keep this up if I can't even make BACK the money I spend!"


Once, I even DM'ed all my friends on social media with the same cringe-worthy copy/paste scripts only to be met with total silence.


Great now I found a way to not only lose money, but to lose friends too.

Hold on though, here's the part my friends will never let me live down...

Because I Stooped So Low...

I would even find any email address I could find on the internet and sent complete strangers a cold-email.

But the results were goose eggs.

Double zeros.

Not to mention how totally low class that made me feel.

That's when I threw up my hands.

I decided never to speak to a soul about my "sure-thing" until they asked me first.

But how?

How would I pull this off?


Like A Moth To A Flame

But things changed.

I ended up with a massive downline and I had more people than ever.

So did my downline.

With an irresistible attraction to the business opportunity.

I Out-Smarted The Looky-Loos!

Did my "system" work?

I'd say.

Picture a stampede!

Wads of people.

Over 8,314 actually.

Like standing outside a Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

How come?

Probably because I created a "system" that would bring me loads of eager beavers with credit-card in hand.


It's simple.

All I did was make it irresistible.

Everyone has $27.

Sift, Sort, Sell, & Sponsor For You!

Okay, I'll explain.

We've all seen email autoresponders, right?

No biggie.

But (and this is a big but) what I did was string a couple of tools together.

Putting them together was what set this so far apart from the competition.

Here's an example.

This letter allows me to break-even on money I spend getting people to read this.

Here's Precisely Why It Works

It "works" (polite word for landslide) because – and get this part because this is critical too – it educates the prospect.

There is no overt "pitch" because the machines were doing the selling.

What happens is prospects end up selling themselves.

Like it was their idea.

To send you money, I mean.

You see, this "system" is abased on the "show me, don't sell me" mentality and prospects eat it (love) up.

They get reams of information.

Now add to that a dorky little $27 and that's how you get lines of people to come back with their money to buy the complete system.

From you.

I Call This 'The 2023 Game Plan'

I'll fess up.

I was selfish.

I got scared.

Nothing worked.

I was a regular network marketing nerd.

I was.

So I selfishly built the 2023 Game Plan.

That way, I could earn daily cash flow and build a residual one, all at the same time.

This Part Is Probably The Most Important

Here's the hidden variable that would go unnoticed if I didn't explain it to everyone and it's this.

Instead of trying to convince absolute strangers to quit their deal and join mine, I went in the complete opposite direction.

All I did was devise a cash flow system that everyone could use and make money with instead of trying to locate a small 1-3% to join my MLM.

Trust Me, I'm No Saint

By creating a cash flow system that all 100% of the people could use, my obvious advantage was now my monopoly share because now you and me can earn money from everyone, not just a poultry few who you can get to flip into your opportunity. 

That was the smart part. 

Plus, even though the big $197 program pays dealers $100 per sale, it’s easier to sell when everyone can test it for only a lousy little $14.95.

Create Daily Cash Flow. Here's How

After you get my two CD program for fourteen ninety-five, you can decide to upgrade and to actually be a dealer of this program. 

That’s $197 and comes with my six (6) CD program. 

Dealers earn $100 per course and buyers actually pay you, not me. 

This way, you can create your own leads and make daily cash flow all at the same time. 

But you have probably never heard of me. 

So test me. 

Try the system with zero risk. 

No one gets hurt at only fourteen clams plus this gets piles of people sending you cash orders because who doesn’t have fourteen bucks? 

Especially if it’s risk-free and people can keep everything, even if they ask for a refund. 

But they don’t. 

Many people UPGRADE to “Speed Enrollers” (6 CD album) for $197. 

That’s where you earn $100 per sale. 

You can start slow or go whole hog and order the $197 Speed Enrollers course (see page # 5). 

Create daily cash flow!

Get Instant Access

Regular: $47   Today: $27

This offer expires ends in...

You can test -drive my system now and learn how to earn thousands of dollars per week using the system I have used to build sales organizations toppling 5,000 active distributors. 

Or, you can “save” your fifteen bucks and be no better off in thirty days. 


I’ll still be earning $1,000+ daily. 

Everything is just fourteen ninety five. 

Not fifty nine or even twenty nine ninety nine. 


Just $14.95. 

Tack on $3 for shipping for a total of $17.95. 

Plus everything is 100% money back guaranteed for 30 days. 

To order right now simply call the phone # above or mail your $17.95 to the dealer above. 

Quick—one more thing. 

Look, in bleeding times like this, we’ve got to forego running with the average herd of networkers. 

Most are broke and what I’m about to unravel could keep you off of the slaughter house floor. 

Sure this takes some elbow grease. 

But it’s simple. 

Bottom line? 

My system will make you money, blow your mind or my name it not...