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From: Tina Kang
Date: January 16, 2023

The secret is here.

There's a new movement online.

The gloves are off and networkers have opened their ideas to alternative ways (finally!) to attract people to their business.

Cold-calling and cold-messaging are so late century aren't they?

There's a new "hidden advantage" within our industry

Those, like me, who like to innovate with the times will prosper and prosper heavily.

What the heck am I talking about?

It's called "awareness levels."

Here... let me explain.

Imagine if you could have prospects reach out to YOU first with credit-card in hand

It's possible and here's how to do it.

The biggest hurdle in network marketing is getting leads. 

Once you’ve gone through your warm market. The challenge is in knowing how to tap into the cold market.

One solution that I’ve found to work amazingly well in 2022 is to place Google Advertisements in front of users who are searching phrases like the following into Google:

“How to start a home business”

“Work from home”

“Make money online”

That way, you’re attracting extremely targeted leads who already have an intrinsic desire to start their own business...

(Instead of Uncle Bob who’s joined your team because he’s doing you a favor.)

Google ads work great. Incredibly great.

But here's what I plan to do differently in 2023

One small annoyance I ran into when targeting generic ‘work from home’ type key phrases is that about 20% (or 1 out of 5) of the people I spoke to would ask annoying questions like…

“Is this another one of those pyramid thingy’s?”


And of course I’d have my script of…

“Well, what exactly do you think a pyramid ‘thingy’ is?”

And then I’d proceed to explain how network marketing works and how it, in fact, is not a pyramid ‘thingy.’


So I thought to myself…

“How can I start targeting better keywords that will allow me to get the same quality of leads, but avoid people who are uneducated about network marketing as a business model.”

And it hit me like a lightning bolt

I figured out how to get the PERFECT prospect for my business opportunity.

Ones that are already interested in starting a business…

Ones that are already interested in joining a network marketing opportunity…

All I have to do is show them mine.

The secret is in what's called "Awareness Levels."

Being able to understand the differing awareness levels of your prospects will be the single biggest breakthrough you’ll have in your business.

There’s a quote from Robert Collier:

"Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind".

This is really just another way of saying, "focus on your customer’s awareness level".

Real quick, think about a commercial or ad that you find annoying

Ads that annoy and interrupt us are often just ads that fail to meet us at our current awareness level. 

The actual product may be good, it’s just the wrong awareness level.

For example, if you were looking to get a new car, and you were listening to the radio and heard a spot from the local dealership talking about a "year-end close-out deal", or "special financing", you’d probably stop and take a listen.

That ad is a good awareness match for you.

But if you weren’t interested in buying a new car, you’d tune out or change the channel.

It doesn’t mean the ad was poorly written, it just means it didn’t match your awareness level.

For simplicity sake, there are 5 types of awareness levels you need to pay attention to.

1. Unaware
2. Problem Aware
3. Solution Aware
4. Product Aware
5. Most Aware

The big mistake networkers make is trying to appeal to the 1st awareness level. 

These are typically your friends and family who don't even realize they have a problem

1. Unaware

"Unaware Ursella" doesn’t know she has a "money problem" but probably does. (She's content with the amount she has regardless of how much or how little) She’s unaware of her problem, the solutions, and the opportunities out there.

2. Problem Aware

"Problem Aware Patty" is aware of her problem (i.e., she realizes she's living paycheck to paycheck) but she’s either a) not actively searching for a solution or b) isn’t really aware of a solution. When I say "solution" I mean, in this case, that she thinks making more money would require getting a pay raise and she’d be shocked to find out you can start your own business.

These are people who realize they want to earn more, but don’t know the first thing about getting started.

3. Solution Aware

Like "Problem Aware Patty", "Solution Aware Sally" knows she has a problem. But, she’s aware that there’s a solution to her problem (starting a business). She hasn’t gone as far as to search ideas and opportunities, but she’s getting ready to.

There are people who realize that business ownership is a great way of making additional income but don’t know what business to start.

4. Product Aware

Like "Solution Aware Sally", "Product Aware Petunia" is aware of her problem and she’s aware that there’s a solution (starting a business). And... she’s taken it to the next level and started researching opportunities like network marketing. She knows the options out there and generally the prices.

5. Most Aware

"Allie Aware" is all the things "Product Aware Petunia" is, but she’s hyper-aware and on the verge of buying. She just needs to hear the right deal and she’ll pull the trigger.

Can you guess which level of awareness I've been placing myself in front of?

That’s right.

Level 5!

Which means, no explaining, persuading, and convincing required.

Does it work?

I'd say.

Picture a stampede!

Wads of people.

Over 8,314 actually.

Like standing outside a Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

How come?

Probably because I created a "system" that would bring me the most qualified prospects straight to my opportunity presentation.

And once they hear it.

They're sold.

Just like I was.

Here's Precisely Why It Works

It "works" (polite word for landslide) because – and get this part because this is critical too – it educates the right people.

There is no overt "pitch" because the people already wanted what I have to offer.

What happens is prospects end up selling themselves.

Like it was their idea.

To join your team, I mean.

You see, this "system" is abased on the "show me, don't sell me" mentality and prospects love it.

They get reams of information.

Now automate the entire process and that's how you get lines of people to contact you every day, asking to join.

It's revolutionized my business and it will for you too.

I Call It 'The 2023 Game Plan'

2023 Game Plan - Behind-the-scenes of exactly how I'm attracting 'level 5' prospects this year to earn multiple six-figures in network marketing.

Here's your chance to pull back the curtains and see exactly how I'm building my business behind the scenes...

Instead of trying to convince absolute strangers to quit their job and join my business, I'm going in the complete opposite direction.

All I'm doing is devising an automated marketing system that will deliver level 5 prospects directly to me on a silver platter.

Here's exactly what you'll discover inside the pages of "2023 Game Plan"

The exact keywords I'm using to attract level 5 prospects
How to have 90% of the prospects you talk to PRE-SOLD and ready to get started
How to magnetically attract your customers to you, so that you don’t have to chase them down like a common street peddler
Learn the difference between "sorting" and "selling", and why only rookies sell
Learn why trying to advertise your opportunity will suck your bank account dry faster than you can say “big expensive mistake”, which is exactly what that is

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