"After Another Six-Figure Year In The Bag... Here's My Game Plan For 2023"

Last year, the network marketing industry went nuts and snatched up 2,520 copies of my '2022 Game Plan.'

Now get your hands on my brand-new blueprint for 2023!

An important message from Tina Kang...

Year after year, I would set a big lofty goal on January 1st telling myself:

"This will be the year I finally make $100,000!"

I would even write myself a check for $100,000 dated with the last day of the year - a symbolic gesture of my ambitious intentions.

I wanted to prove the doubters wrong.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

But come December, I would always fall short of my goals.

This happened year after year - for six grueling years.

At one point, I didn't even make a new year resolution anymore.


Because I had made them year after year after year - and I stopped believing that I was capable of following through.

So after a while, who wants to continue disappointing themselves?

Why even bother setting a new standard for the year when you already know it's going to be the same as the last year.

How Was Your 2022?

Did it go according to plan?

The fact is, 87% of people don't hit the goals they set for the new year.

And thats IF you even made a resolution.

Now, if you're the exception to that, I'm thrilled for you and I support you. Keep rocking it!

But if you've missed, maybe I could drop you a quick little message here that can help you not only recover, but exceed your wildest dreams.

And make some real lasting change in your life.

So the question is, what is it that makes us even want to make a resolution?

Why is it that at the beginning of the year, something inside of us makes us want to improve our circumstance?

The New Year Allows Us To Start From Fresh & Rededicate Our Vision

Of course the calendar itself is quite arbitrary.

But it allows for a clean slate for what IS actually important: a game plan.

Because "failing to plan, is planning to fail." 

And where most network marketers go wrong is often times, not knowing what to do next.

Is wasn't until I started following a proven blueprint - and following it down to the tee - that allowed me to finally break into the six-figure mark.

A blueprint that showed me exactly what needed to get done step-by-step, so that by the end of the year, my goals became inevitable.

It no longer became a matter of IF I would hit my goals but rather WHEN I would hit my goals.

As soon as I hit the six-figure mark in my business, I create a 'game plan' that I would use to follow each following year.

And every year since 2017, I've hit six-figures like clockwork.

I started sharing this blueprint with my team and many credited this game plan as the key to their first $100k a well.

Last year was the first time I publicly disclosed these strategies in what I called the '2022 Game Plan'...

And the network marketing industry went nuts and snatched up 2,520 copies of this report.

And now, you can get your hands on my blueprint for 2023.

"2023 Game Plan"

2023 Game Plan - Behind-the-scenes of exactly what I plan on doing this year to earn multiple six-figures in network marketing.

Here's your chance to pull back the curtains and see exactly how I build my business behind the scene...

You'll see the new strategy that I plan to take advantage of this year and you'll be able to watch as I implement them live.

The new year brings a new opportunity for you to grow. New goals, dreams, ambitions, and chances to prove to yourself you have what it takes.

Follow the exact game plan that I intend to follow to hit multiple six-figures again in my network marketing business.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside The Pages of '2023 Game Plan'

Instead of prospecting and chasing, you’re going to learn to passively attract prospects to YOU
Instead of doing hundreds of 3-way calls & presentations, you’re going to learn to passively build influence with your prospects which will cause your prospects to be interested in anything you recommend
Instead of trying to close, sell or handle objections, you’re going to learn how to have 90% of the prospects you talk to PRE-SOLD and ready to get started
Instead of trying to motivate & ra-ra your team to do the work, you’re going to learn strategies you can teach your team that they’ll actually want to do on their own!
How to start enrolling people overnight and quickly grow a massive team WITHOUT talking about your company. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of Top Earners.
How using an ‘enrollment funnel’ can help you automatically book prospects on your calendar, before even speaking to them

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If you missed on your goals in 2022, make sure you're not feeling these same feelings this time next year!

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