So you’re trying to grow your network marketing business but you’ve ran into a critical problem:

You’re having trouble finding prospects who are interested in joining your opportunity.

Essentially, you’ve ran out of people to talk to.

And even if you do manage to get someone to sign-up, they become inactive and aren’t committed to growing their own business.

Why does this happen? And what can you do to solve this issue?

The solution is: qualified leads.

What are qualified leads?

Let’s say you offer a weight-loss product…

How would your business change overnight if you could get in front of these people:

What you’re looking at is, Google reports that there are 100k to 1M people who search “how to lose weight” into Google search every single month.

Think about WHO is typing that question into Google.

Someone who is probably trying to lose weight, right?

How much more receptive do you think this person would be to hearing about your weight-loss products compared to let’s say… you’re friends and family.

The answer is: so much more receptive.

Or the person that is searching “work from home.”

Well, Google shows that there are 165,000 people who are searching that exact search phrase into Google every single month!

Just imagine if you could get in front of 165,000 people who are looking for an opportunity where they could work from the comfort of their own home.

How much more likely and motivated would these people be to take a look at your business? And actually do something once they’ve joined the business opportunity.

Do you see how instead of begging someone to take a look, you are now actually finding people who want what you have to offer?

This is exactly what we help network marketers accomplish in their marketing.

And it’s not just in health and wellness. This strategy works for all clients in all industries ranging from: essential oils, skincare, cosmetics, legal services, shampoo, forex, crypto, insurance, supplements, gold, travel, books, nails, candles, water systems, jewelry, etc.

All we’re doing is finding people who are already “searching” for you (literally)… and showing them the solution you have to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about our automated marketing system, click here to watch this short presentation.

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