Sequences are automated email follow-up that will be going out to your prospects as soon as they become a lead.

They’ll go through all the follow-up emails in order, starting at the beginning.

Each sequence email’s send day and time will depend on when the subscriber was added to the sequence, or the delays set up from the previous email in the sequence (as relevant).

For example, you could use a sequence to send an automated series of welcome emails as follows:

  1. “Hi” – sent immediately upon sign-up
  2. “Confession time…” – sent one day after the previous email
  3. “I couldn’t sleep” – sent one day after the previous email

Sequences are different from broadcasts, which are one-off, non-automated emails that you send at a specific date and time.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  1. How to edit the email templates we’ve installed onto your account
  2. How to schedule and send your sequences

Let’s dive in!

How to edit your welcome email

To find the sequences page, click on Send > Sequences from the top navigation bar.

We’ve already created a Sequence for you called, “Sequence.” Click on Sequence.

Editing your welcome email

Upon opening your sequences, you’ll see that we’ve already written your first “welcome email” for you. Feel free to read through this email and make any adjustments you feel necessary. The sequence editor autosaves your work, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of it halfway. 😊

Publishing your Welcome Email

Happy with your email? Then activate the Published setting to publish it! This is super important, because your email will not be sent out otherwise.

NOTE: If you make changes to your email after its status has been set to “Published”, you will need to save your changes by clicking the separate Publish changes button at the bottom of the sequence editor.

And you’re done with the first email in your sequence!

This is all you’ll need to do for now in order for us to start running ads.

Editing your follow-up emails

At the right sidebar, you’ll also see a list of emails in your sequence and their respective send schedules.

On your own timeline, you can go through these templates and fill in the blanks with your own stories.

This does not need to be completed now, but it’s recommended to add these follow-up emails when you’re able to do si.

Adding new emails of your own

To add a new email to the sequence, hit the Add Email button in the right sidebar of the sequence editor.

You can rearrange the emails in your sequence by clicking on them in the sidebar, dragging and dropping them to their new position, and then clicking the Save Order button.

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