A message from our founder, Tina Kang.

Dear Valued Clients,

Happy New Year!

I’m wishing you and yours SO MUCH joy, health, progress, love, and abundance in 2023!

Today, I’m excited to announce an exciting update to our service that we’ve been quietly testing for the past 4 months.

As you know, I love testing new strategies. Marketing evolves and it’s important to keep up to date with the latest tactics that work most efficiently.

I’d like to reveal a new strategy that has been working for me in my business and would like to extend the opportunity to update your marketing system to the new version if you choose to.

So, what is this new strategy?

First, let’s review the current strategy.

The Current Marketing System

Here’s what your marketing system currently looks like:

  1. We’ve created ads on your behalf that target keywords like “how to start a home business”
  2. We have those leads watch a brief presentation about network marketing as a business model
  3. We have those leads book an appointment with you
  4. We have those leads fill out an application in order for you to qualify the quality of the appointment
  5. You attend these meetings

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this strategy.

In fact, it works insanely well as most of you are already aware.

However there were 2 key components that I wanted to tackle when creating an update to the system.

Changes To The Marketing System

The first, was weeding out appointments with prospects that asked questions like, “is this another one of those pyramid thingys?”

Despite showing prospects the presentation about network marketing, we’d often get 1 in 5 prospects who were interested in starting a business but did not want to get involved with network marketing.

This led us to research new keywords that would attract more of our ideal prospects.

One we tested with great results was, “best network marketing company.”

We found that prospects who were searching this phrase were interested in starting a network marketing company specifically but wanted guidance on what company to join.

AKA, the perfect prospect for us 🙂

The second component to tackle was advertising costs.

We found that our most successful clients were the ones that had a quicker sign-up to commission turn around time — which in turn allows us to reinvest more into ads for scaling opportunities.

The clients who took longer to scale were those who were limited with their commission turn around time — having to wait until next month for their commission to start reinvesting for more ads.

This led our team to wonder how we could help create instant cashflow for your business so that we can scale faster.

The solution is what we call a “breakeven offer.”

Essentially, instead of having leads sent to watch a presentation, we now have leads (who are interested in network marketing) to purchase a course called Digital Networker for $300.

You get to keep 100% commission on this offer.

This means, every time you spend $300 on ads, you make back $300 in course sales — completely offsetting the cost of your ads!

Now, why would we do this?

Why break even?

Why have prospects buy a digital course and not go straight to the appointment?

Because by having this “break even offer” in place, we are simultaneously building an email list of prospects while breaking even on your ads — immediately on day 1.

No more having to wait for your next commission check.

Once you have this email list, you are THEN able to send automated emails (which we’ve written for you) to generate sales and sign-ups.

Let’s review what the *new* system looks like:

The New Marketing System for 2023

Here’s what the new marketing system looks like (if you choose to update):

  1. We create ads on your behalf that target keywords like “best network marketing company”
  2. You start building an email list of leads
  3. Simultaneously we have those leads sent to a “Breakeven Offer”
  4. You keep 100% of the sales (to cover your ads)
  5. You begin emailing people with our templates that have proven to work to begin converting people to sales and sign-ups

Everything completely done for you.

In fact, on your end, things will look exactly the same.

How does this differ?

The previous system had an emphasis on booked appointments.

This new system has an emphasis on building an email list — and then emailing those leads to certain call-to-actions like purchasing, or attending a Zoom call, or scheduling a 3-way call, etc.

Final Thoughts

While this upgrade is completely optional, I’d highly recommend it.

I believe that it is a more long-term oriented way of building your business by learning how to create a relationship with your leads (in mass, not 1-to-1).

And owning a real asset (your list).

It also helps to be able to breakeven on your ad costs immediately instead of having to wait for your next commission check.

It’s also the strategy that I’ll be doing and teaching for the rest of 2023.

To make the upgrade, just fill out this new onboarding form (should take 10-15 mins).

Thank you so much for being a valued client, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the success you create in 2023!



Q: Will I need to create my own breakeven offer?

No, we’ve already created a course called Digital Networker (which you’ll have access to) that is working extremely well as a breakeven offer (BEO). You’ll be able to promote this offer as well and keep 100% of the profits in order to help break-even on your ad costs.

Q: How long will this update take?

One week.

Q: Could I test the new system and switch back to the old system if I don’t like it?

Yes! If the new system doesn’t get you even better results, you can switch back to the current system at any time. Just contact us at the help desk.

Q: Are there any additional costs to update?

No, all updates within 12 months of your start or renewal date is included at no additional cost.

Tina Kang
Tina Kang

Tina is the founder of Networker Pros. Outside of work Tina spends her time playing basketball and chasing after her not-so-little puppy.